Other Hostels

Corner Hostel

Located in Wroclaw, Poland , the Corner Hostel aims to be the perfect residence for people looking for temporary accommodation in Wroclaw. More Info

Fitness Hostel

If you are lucky you will get a room with a flat-screen TV set,a working desk, and a private bathroom. Fitness Hostel

Wigwam Hostel

Each room has a bunk bed with clean linen sheets, a pair of clean sandals, a work table, chair and a desk. http://wigwam.insta-hostel.com

Cinnamon Hostel Wroclaw

The staffs are multilingual, meaning that they can communicate comfortably in a variety of foreign languages like Spanish, English, Italian and German among other languages. Book Now

Moon Hostel Wroclaw

As for your security, you have nothing to worry about. Continue